Let Go and Let God

“Let go and let God.” This is a phrase I have heard so many times while I was facing trials. Why is the phrase so easy to understand but so hard to follow. We hold  on to our trials and tribulations because we think that if we mingle in the midst of them that we can also conquer them. The problem we face when we fight our own battles is the natural against the spiritual. Our natural mind and body is not capable of conquering a spiritual battle but it seems that it is so difficult for us to truly accept that. I have battled with the Devil involving himself in my marriage. I have allowed, and continue to allow, the evil spirits to attack my natural mind. I tell myself that I don’t know how to “Let Go,” but I do now how to attain the process of letting go. Why is it so difficult? Why is it so difficult to stop being luke warm and give my life completely to God. Through attacking me where it hurts the most, my husband, the Devil has mentally attacked me. I have continued to fight my battle with my flesh and not the spirit that dwells within me. He has placed earthly oppositions infront me, such as time, physical pain, and tiredness. He has drained me of all my flesh’s strength , and he has won the battle. Sadly, I have allowed this with open arms. The Devil best defense is our human emotions. Emotions of anger, sadness, depression are what he conquers our flesh with. They are only emotions right? They come and they go. They change daily or even hourly, but what strength we allow them to have us. I guess it’s all just a process so we can finally get to the promise, but my process right now is hard and difficult. It is cutting the most inner parts of me, and I’m slowly losing the battle and it feels like the war too. I want to have the strength that the disciples and apostles had when they were anointed with the Holy Spirit in the upper room. I believe we all face attacks from the Devil far too often, but we allow so many attacks to pierce us so deeply that we lose our way way and our path. Stay strong in the Lord. The joy of the Lord is our strength. Why are those so easy to write but so hard to live? Life on earth is a difficult process of letting go and letting God. Thank God for Jesus Christ who died for our sins so that we could conquer our processes because of his love for us. 



I started this blog because I am going through a HUGE transition in my life. I have a lot of up and down days, and a lot of times, I feel like I can’t get all my thoughts in order. I find myself praying, but my words are just kind of splattering all over the place. Years ago, my grandmother brought home a notebook, she told me to start writing letters to God, so I did. It was such a great process for me to really connect with God. I found myself after finishing my letter to him, feeling less overwhelmed, actually getting the things I needed to get off my chest, actually off my chest! I didn’t have the same thoughts running through my head over and over, asking God, “Hey did you get that thought?” I knew in that moment, He had heard that thought completely. This afternoon, during my studying time with God, I felt led to start a blog. I think a big reason for this is because a few days ago I was reading Sarah Jakes (Td Jakes daughter) blog and she had a post on there that just opened my eyes! I was able to make a very hard decision, that I have been needing to make, but fear was crippling me, because of the things she wrote in that blog post. I only hope to give someone in the world, something to relate to, like Sarah’s blog gave me. I am just going to pour my heart out on these blogs, when I feel led to do so. I am going to allow these blogs to now be my letters to God, unless He tells me that my thought during that moment is personal between me and him. I just want to end this blog saying, God is so so so good! He is wonderful and just beyond our imagination. I am positive I will have times I write to Him and you, and my faith is low and I don’t exalt God like I should. Please realize, these are my moments that I am battling the spiritual world, and they are just that, MOMENTS. It doesn’t take away the love I have for God, and I just want you all to know, don’t let it take yours away either! “Work out your own salvation with much fear and trembling.” It is so so so so important that you find God for yourself, completely for yourself. That you find God in those quiet moments and you just let his beauty minister to your heart! He never promised us that life would be easy, He actually promised that life would have trials and tribulations!! ┬áBUT my God, how great thou art, because he promised us that He has overcomed it!! We have something to look forward to, even when those dark and lonely moments crowd our mind and steal our joyful thoughts…Our God has already overcame that and there is joy to be found!! Praise the Lord!!

Just a Little About Me

Well, Where do I begin…

First things first, I am a lover and follower of Christ. More and more each day, I fall more in love with Him. He is such a gracious God, and without him, I am literally NOTHING.

Second, I am a mother to a beautiful daughter. She is such a blessing, through her I see what true joy and unconditional love is.. and my oh my, is it beautiful!

Third, I am a newly single mother, not by choice, but by purpose. (You will understand more in due time)

I am not a writer, I didn’t go to school to write. So my grammar is horrible, I don’t know half the time where to place a coma or how to spell things. I started this blog because it was on my heart to share my walk with God. I hope there are people out there who can relate to the walks I have in life right now not only to help them, but for them to help me!